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"The foundation of tomorrow starts with today." - Chris Tice 

Leadership coaching
& Consulting 

Leadership isn't just about rank, title, or position. It's how you rise to the occasion, serve and lead others, regardless of your position. 

Chris offers private (1-on-1) coaching and executive leadership consulting using proven methods and experience to help his clients and their organization or team develop the right leadership and personal skills to make a mark on the next generation. 

In his private coaching and consulting practice, he specializes in: 

  • Building effective communication skills

  • Enhancing training and development 

  • Safety/Crisis Management and Avoidance

Chris customizes each coaching package to fit your individual needs.  As you can imagine… working with Chris is an empowering, and worthwhile experience! 


If you’re seriously considering working one-on-one with Chris or in need of leadership consulting, click below to contact his team and schedule a complimentary coaching call. This important step will give you the opportunity to experience working with Chris, and it will help you both decide if you’re a good fit for each other.


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