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Chris Tice

Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Chris first began his leadership journey early in life by earning the Eagle Scout award, the highest achievement or rank attainable through the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).


Utilizing lessons learned through life and a desire to serve others, he continued his leadership journey through sales, business, and eventually firefighting within the City of Wichita.


Due to persistent injuries, Chris took a leap of faith by retiring early from the fire department and becoming a full-time coach and speaker.


He now fully seeks to explore and live in the greatness God has called him to and created him for and inspires others to do the same. 


​In working with organizations, Chris incorporates education, experience, research, and training into practices that will further the goals of his clients into brighter, more productive futures. Through active listening and assertive conversation, he will assist in creating developmental targets that create open forums for productivity, profitability, and positivity. He believes each and every individual is unique and brings value and talent to every organization.  ​Chris graduated from Friends University with a degree in Psychology and studied Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Emporia State University.  He has appeared on numerous podcasts, including "Living Fearless Today" with Mike Forrester and the "Forging Life Podcast" with Trey Ryder. He will be launching his own in the coming months!

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