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How to Create Opportunity

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Like me, many of you may have spent a bit of the month of January planning, goal setting, and dream/vision boarding for the new year.  Notice I did not say make a resolution – I am not a fan of those. Resolutions are a quick formulation for future excuses. I’m talking about real, attainable, well thought-out, written-out, and processed goals that grow us toward real success.  

When searching for opportunities to grow, you should first seek the Father (God) through prayer and then search within your own heart.  Begin to write down the things that make you unique and how those can better serve God and those around you.  Do you see the big picture here?  It all lies within your heart and all it takes is for you to take your talent to the next level.

With that said, is it always going to be easy or smooth sailing?  Of course not. Even Jesus said we will have trouble in this world.  Let’s go back to the first paragraph – notice I said write it all down?  YES, good!  Now one thing’s for certain: do not, I repeat, do not get overwhelmed by goal setting. Write them down, break them down into baby steps, and map them out.  Complete these steps one after another. If some goals coincide with one another, get after it and crush them! Opportunities and connections will come with time and experience. Make smart decisions, work hard and keep praying. God will guide you through it all.

Verse and Quote of the Month:

“Make every day great” – Chris Tice

Psalm 145:3

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